Improving Your Odds with Casino Strategies

Improving Your Odds with Casino Strategies

Last updated : 15 May, 2020By Top10 Staff
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Betting systems and casino strategies can help improve your odds of winning, although the casinos have considerable experience in ensuring that they always have the edge. Tables are monitored, players are watched, and games have minimum and maximum bets in a bid to try and prevent staking strategists from being able to clear up. However, implementing some simple strategies can help ensure that you minimise losses and increase your winnings.


Games of pure chance, such as roulette, are the most difficult to successfully implement effective strategies. One of the greatest fallacies of all novice gamblers is that because an event hasn’t happened for some time, it is more likely to happen now. Just because the last five numbers in roulette have all been red does not alter the chances of landing a red or a black with the next spin.

Games with the Best Player Odds

Always choose a game that you are comfortable with, but ensure that you stay away from those that tilt the odds too far in the casino’s favour. The following games are considered to offer the best odds of the player winning:

  • Blackjack – This game offers around a 48% chance of the player winning with any given hand.
  • Craps – Although intimidating at first glance, mastering the craps table can provide access to winning odds of roughly the same as Blackjack.
  • Roulette – Roulette is simple, offers a number of potential betting opportunities, and betting on red or black offers odds of nearly 50/50.

Money Strategies

Staking plans, or money strategies, use a set of rules to determine how much you should bet dependent on a number of factors. Perhaps the simplest of these is the Martingale System, where the player chooses a bet with odds of close to 50/50, starts with a set stake amount and doubles up every time they lose. When the player wins, they are guaranteed an overall profit equal to their initial stake, and they then start again from that initial stake level. With no maximum stake levels and a bottomless pit of a betting fund, this system would guarantee a profit for every player.

Winning Odds Strategies

A winning odds strategy means determining the chances of winning and then betting accordingly. This type of strategy is most commonly used for video poker, and in poker games. Although a degree of poker is down to luck, there is also skill involved on the player’s part, because he chooses certain actions and sets the level of betting according to his confidence in his hand.

Online Vs Traditional Casinos

Most casino websites utilise expensive casino software that has been developed and improved over a number of years, in a bid to offer as authentic an experience as possible. They are as close to the real experience as possible, and this means that players will enjoy the same odds and the same chances of winning, using casino strategies, as they would in Vegas or in any other casino.

The Basics of Any Strategy

Education and mastery of a particular game is key to helping develop your own winning strategy. It will enable you to fully understand all of the bets, and to be able to place the right stakes at the right odds. Also ensure that you have a plan in place before you start betting, and then stick to it. Don’t bet with your emotions, so avoid betting “on tilt” when you’re angry at losing, or betting higher than usual because you’re winning. Having your own strategy can help improve your enjoyment and your chances of winning, but you need to stick to your strategy.

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