Tips to Figuring Out Online Casino Bonuses

Tips to Figuring Out Online Casino Bonuses

Last updated : 06 March, 2022By Top10 Staff
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Online casinos are indeed one of the most popular forms of gaming entertainment currently available. These unique and interactive platforms can offer hours of enjoyment and some of the largest sites will boast literally hundreds of different games to choose from. While these advantages cannot be overlooked, we also need to recognise that there are a number of valuable and rewarding bonuses that will be encountered. However, some of these can be a bit confusing to those who are not familiar with how they work. It is therefore a good idea to look at some of the most common and which offers are the most beneficial.

Signup Bonuses

Most online casinos will provide new players with a one-off signup bonus when he or she first registers with the site. Normally, these will equate to a portion of the funds deposited (fifty per cent, for instance) or they will match the value of the funds entirely. In either case, this type of bonus will have a limit. Only deposits up to a certain amount will be covered under such a scheme. This cash reward can thereafter immediately be used towards to the games offered.

No-Deposit Bonuses

As the name hints, this offer will allow a player to interact with the games while not spending any money. In other words, such a system is a "free play". This is a great way to learn about the online casino in question as well as to determine as to whether or not a site is appealing enough to commit a physical deposit. However, it is important to recognise that in most cases, any funds that are won are not allowed to be withdrawn until the player fully registers with the site.

Reload Bonuses

In a way, this type of benefit is quite similar to the previously mentioned signup bonus. However, a reload bonus will be applicable to existing players only. These are frequently available when a player places further funds into his or her account. As before, the casino will either match the funds (to a certain level) or offer a percentage of extra cash in relation to the deposited amount.

Loyalty Bonuses (VIP Treatment)

Long-standing players or those who are considered to be "high rollers" will often be able to take advantage of various other programmes that are designed to reward their loyalty. One way that this is accomplished is through the use of a points system. Each time the player places a bet, a certain number of points will be rewarded. As this number grows, he or she will be eligible for features such as higher payouts, more competitive tournaments and access to VIP games that are unavailable to normal players.

Cash-Back Bonuses

This is a lesser-known type of reward but is nonetheless extremely valuable for those who play a great number of games. In simplest terms, a player can expect to receive a certain amount of money back if he or she is "in the red". This cash-back scheme will normally equate to a percentage of the money that was initially played. For example, if one has lost one hundred pounds and is on a twenty per cent cash-back programme, twenty pounds will be returned into the account.


Larger sites will tend to offer referral bonuses. These are excellent ways to increase the number of players while simultaneously providing rewards to an existing registrant that convinces another to join. Not surprisingly, these bonuses can take on many different forms such as matched deposits, loyalty points, reload bonuses or access to VIP areas of the online platform.

So, it is clear that there are indeed a number of unique bonuses that an online casino will provide to the player. Still, different portals will naturally offer equally different bonus offers. Some may provide excellent signup rewards while others could instead focus on loyalty points and VIP treatment. This is the primary reason why it is critical to compare and contrast the different sites and what types of rewards each one will provide. Thankfully, there are a considerable number of third-party review platforms that display detailed analyses of the bonuses that are offered. While playing online casino games is exciting, the ability to access lucrative bonuses is another benefit that cannot be overstated.

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